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Tech Neck-It's a Real Thing!

Technology can be a real pain in the neck! Learn about tech neck, why it happens and how to alleviate the pain!
Sep 16th, 2022

Backpack Safety

It's that time of year...again! School is starting back up and time to buy that new backpack. Here's some important backpack safety tips.
Sep 2nd, 2022


Car accidents can cause lasting spinal injuries.
Jun 2nd, 2021

Obtain A Healthy Lifestyle!

While space-age cures are still a fantasy, we can take inspiration from the creative, science fiction series and reflect upon taking care of our health using the tools and knowledge currently available.
Sep 21st, 2016

Best Practices To Train For All Levels!

We are all of us beginners in some aspects of life and quite advanced in others. But when exercise is the skill or subject under consideration, many of us are at a loss to evaluate precisely where we are or how we should be classified.
Sep 21st, 2016

Core Muscles!

In exercise, core activities establish the foundation that holds all other components of physical fitness, including strength training, cardiorespiratory exercise, and sports readiness.
Sep 21st, 2016