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At Klein Chiropractic Center, which serves residents of West Chester, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, Dr. Jeffrey S. Klein has helped many area residents who suffered injuries during an auto accident. Widely respected for his knowledge of auto injury treatment, Dr. Klein is honored to be recommended by many of his patients.

Auto Injury Treatment Q & A

What is an Auto Injury?

Any injury that is sustained during an auto accident is considered an auto injury. This includes everything from minor scrapes and bruises to fractured bones and concussions, which can be extremely serious. Furthermore, whether the accident involved multiple cars, a single car and a stationary object, or a car and a pedestrian doesn’t matter. Anyone who has been hurt in a collision involving a vehicle has sustained an auto injury.

Do All Auto Injuries Require Treatment?

Everyone who has been involved in an auto accident and has an injury should promptly seek treatment from a qualified provider. In some cases, auto injuries can be life-threatening and require immediate treatment. Even minor injuries, however, should quickly be evaluated by a provider. A quick evaluation is the first step towards successful treatment of an injury, and it can help a patient get insurance coverage for their auto injury.

Who Provides Auto Injury Treatment?

Both medical doctors and chiropractors provide auto injury treatment options. Since most emergency rooms are staffed by medical doctors, these doctors are typically the providers who diagnose and treat the most severe auto injuries. Patients who have auto injuries that aren’t life-threatening may choose to see a medical doctor, chiropractor, or both. Medical doctors are able to prescribe medication, recommend treatments, and even perform surgery (if it’s necessary). Chiropractors, who also have doctoral degrees, offer natural and non-invasive auto injury treatments. These can be used on their own or in conjunction with medical doctors’ treatments.

What Should Patients Look for in a Provider?

Regardless of whether patients are going to a medical doctor or chiropractor, they should seek out an auto injury specialist who is licensed and has at least one professional membership. Such a provider can legally treat patients and is respected by their colleagues. They’ll be able to diagnose and treat many different auto injuries.

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