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At Klein Chiropractic Center, Dr. Jeffrey S. Klein has helped many patients who suffered back injuries. Many of his patients regard Dr. Klein as one of the leading disc injury specialists in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Disc Injuries Q & A

What Is a Disc Injury?

A disc injury is a specific type of back injury. While there are several different kinds of disc injuries, they all involve an injury to one or more of the discs in the spine. Some of the most common types of disc injuries include:

  • protruding discs
  • bulging discs
  • herniated discs
  • slipped discs

What Symptoms Does a Disc Injury Cause?

Some minor disc injuries may create only minor or temporary symptoms, but most disc injuries are quite painful. In severe cases, the pain can be debilitating and significantly interfere with a patient’s daily activities. In addition to pain, patients who have a disc injury may also experience numbness, weakness, or tingling sensations in their back or extremities.

All of these symptoms are caused by a disc pinching one of the nerves that runs along the spine. Exactly where these symptoms are felt depends on what nerve is pinched and where along the spinal column it’s pinched.

How Do Chiropractors Diagnose a Disc Injury?

Chiropractors rely on several sources of information when diagnosing a disc injury. They’ll first listen to a patient’s stated symptoms, which is why it’s important for patients to always be honest and complete when they describe their symptoms to a chiropractor. After talking with a patient, a chiropractor will typically perform an exam and then have an X-ray of the spine done. All of this only takes a little while to do, and it gives a chiropractor the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis.

What Treatments Do Chiropractors Offer for Disc Injuries?

Chiropractors offer several different treatments for disc injuries. Depending on a patient’s symptoms and what type of disc injury they have, a chiropractor may recommend pain management, spinal decompression, a chiropractic manipulation, or another treatment option. All of these are non-invasive ways of addressing disc injuries.

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