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At Klein Chiropractic Care, which serves West Chester, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, Dr. Jeffrey S. Klein has helped many patients rehab injuries. Regarded by many patients as one of the area’s top rehab specialists, Dr. Klein is both honored and pleased to serve the West Chester community.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What Exactly is Rehab?

When used within the context of chiropractic treatment, rehab specifically refers to helping patients who sustained injuries recover from their injuries. Chiropractors have several treatments and procedures they can use to help restore a patient’s flexibility, strength, and range of motion, and aid the body’s natural recovery process. These treatments are primarily natural and non-invasive, and they frequently involve hands-on manipulations and procedures.

What Kinds of Injuries Do Chiropractors Rehab?

Because chiropractors have lots of procedures at their disposal, they’re able to help patients recover many different injuries. Chiropractors see patients for auto accident injuries, sports injuries, and other injuries. Additionally, they’re able to treat injuries anywhere in the body, from the head to the foot. Because chiropractors' treatment techniques are natural and non-invasive, they’re often even able to provide treatment when a patient has other medical conditions that must be taken into account.

How Long Is a Rehab Appointment?

Rehab appointments with chiropractors generally take just part of a day, and patients are usually able to return to their house, school, or office as soon as the treatment is over. A few treatments may take a little longer, but patients are usually told beforehand if their treatment will require additional time.

What Should Patients Who Have Injuries Look for in a Rehab Specialist?

When looking for a chiropractor who specializes in rehab, patients should first look for a licensed chiropractor who is experienced and a member of one or more professional organizations. Such a provider isn’t just able to legally provide chiropractic care, they’re also highly qualified to treat lots of other injuries.

Patients may also want to look for a chiropractor who sees patients at an office in their neighborhood. Rehabbing serious injuries can require more than one appointment. Seeing a chiropractor who works at a conveniently located office can make getting to and from each appointment easy.

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